We are also involved in engineering solutions, construction and corporate maintenance of rotating, static and flow-line equipments with the assistance of highly skillful team of engineers and technicians with up-to-date industrial experiences in carrying out installations, maintenance and re-engineering of various industrial equipment.

We are specialists

In the plate-rolling and fabrication of large diameter and are actively involved in Hose burst testing and maintenance. Our team of competent hose burst personnel is world class trained and skilled in the operation and maintenance of Marine hoses. list of engineering services we offer are

  • Provision of Well services.
  • Onshore/offshore pipeline operations
  • Fabrication and repair which include piping spools, structural works, tanks, beams and columns works
  • Corrosion engineering which cathodic protection ,blasting and coating of pipes ,spools, tanks
  • Corrosion prevention of sea going vessels
  • Integrity monitoring offacilities
  • Marine hoses integrity test
  • Construction pipelines andFlow lines
  • Mechanical installation and maintenance services.
  • Revamping of offshore platform.
  • Modification of platform and production facility.
  • Servicing ofHubs.